Transformation Through Sound


Transformation Through Sound

Release, Reflect, Rejuvenate


Sound Therapy is suitable for all ages and is useful for balancing the emotions and improving our physical Health and Mental well-being. Sound Therapy, in some cases, can be a good way of resetting the body back to it’s authentic self. It can also support clients through Stress, Improve Energy Levels, Emotional Trauma, Asthma

Arthritic Conditions, Tinnitus, Relationship Issues, Family Therapy, Boost In Confidence {adults & children).


I will support you as you enter into the unconscious chambers of your being, unlock the doors to your past and

shed light on all that no longer serves you.

Each session is lovingly created to ensure that you feel safe, supported and nurtured and that you are able to view your journey going forward with more clarity.

I use a range of different instruments to complement each session, as no two sessions are the same. I use voice, drums, gongs, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes and shakers to name but a few.

Readings/Healing Package :

Phone / Skype Calls

Sound therapy is used to support whatever your needs are.

Guided readings throughout in order to address situations and /or for comfort and reassurance.

"Let's see if we can unravel those tangles."

Sound Baths / Sound Journeys for all occasions 

Experience the vibrations of the gong, crystal singing bowls, trance drumming, chanting, poetry and more. An opportunity to meet others who are keen to explore sound as a form of relaxation and spiritual well-being for both adults and children.

The sound bath will take you on a journey beyond your expectations, this is why we say to our attendees Expect The Unexpected And Experience The Experience .

We recommend that you bring a yoga mat cushion and a blanket for your own comfort.️

£15 On The Day

Residential/Day Well-ness Retreats

Addressing issues within the workplace

Confidence Building

Team Building activities

Improve working environment

Relaxation / Well-ness Sessions

A sample of one of our Workplace Retreats

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Ramsgate Retreat {Comfort Inn Hotel}